Monday, March 25, 2019

Where are my glasses? Oh...they are on my head?

Yes!  The memory is to be cherished just as our eyes, legs, arms...and, should I go on.  With the Baby Boom generation being a large number of the population and the Baby Boomer population with distracted grandchildren that the doctors are putting on drugs in very large numbers, it is time!

What time is it?  Oh is time for the newly formulated Memex: Super Memex2.

Have  you heard?   "We" are launching a new product, or should I say..a reformulated product.  Oh Wait...I already said that...  Hummm.

Oh ya, This is very exciting not just for Body Wise, for our business but also what it can do for those people who are looking for this product.  

How many times have you looked for your glasses and they are on your head?
How many times have you been talking on  your cell phone while looking for your cell phone?
How many time have you walked into a room and couldn't remember why? 

These are 3  fun examples of forgetfulness,  but there are those who forget where they live or the faces of their loved ones.

This product is not only for the forgetful but also for the distracted.  There is no age limit.  From the youth to the aging.

Please mark you Calendar.   End of May is the time... Remember that!  Wait! Write that down... end of May.
Contact me and I will get you the information.

Please go to for updates and more information.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Nutritional support for Immune System

What do you do when you are facing a Health Challenge?

As one who has had plenty of health challenges, I am thankful to have been introduced to Body Wise many many years ago. 

I use to suffer from many chronic issues such as severe Sinus Infections all of my life.  I was always challenged with other issues such as IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Constipation, and on and on.  Also, I am more than 40 years past Thyroid Cancer and can honestly say, I am healthier now at the age of 64 than I was 20 years ago. 

20 years ago, when I was introduced to Body Wise I felt very old.  Today?  I do not feel old, tired or in pain.  I am very thankful to regain good health and intend to stay that way for many years to come. 

What I love is that Body Wise has products that are very important to the immune system.  I have attached a link to a conference call featuring Dr Cynthia Brown, an expert in treating Cancer.  She shares how she uses nutrition in the treatment of cancer and especially Ag Immune and NK Immune.  I have great respect for Dr Brown and have heard her speak often.  She is one who is respected and really knows her stuff...  Please tune into this call.  The sound is not great but the information if priceless.
Dr. Cynthia Browne, MD is a radiation oncology specialist in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI and has been practicing for more than 30 years. She graduated from Univ Of Co Sch Of Med in 1984 and specializes in radiation oncology.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  There are many products on the market today, need I say, "flooded".  But few products have the quality, integrity, and results that Body Wise has.  It is my product for LIFE!  I do hope you take a good look at it and make it yours as well.

With Body Wise, Prevention is Expensive, it is PRICELESS!