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Catherine Watson 
Wellness Advocate 
Learn Why Body Wise Int'l has been the premier Supplement Company for more than 28 years!
Catherine Watson  
Wellness Advocate and  
Body Wise Ind. Consultant
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The goal of this site is to inform you as to...
Why Body Wise is the right choice for you and your family.
For me, I am very glad to say, I left all my chronic issues behind...

 I feel better at 60  than I did at 40! 

I have more energy,  I lost 25lbs in 90 days, 
I have no more chronic conditions that plagued me from childhood, 
NO more Hot Flashes,
 I have a sense of well being..

Top Quality, High Integrity, Always Effective

Why Body Wise?     Simply the BEST!

Finest Ingredients, Optimal Levels
Uniquely formulated for potency – The vision to formulate nutritional supplements of superior quality and effectiveness began in 1989. A team of doctors, clinical nutritionists and scientists created Body Wise supplements using the finest raw ingredients at optimal levels to produce benefits you can feel and see.

Nobel Prize-Winning Science
Krebs Cycle – Dr. Hans Krebs launched a scientific breakthrough when he first described how the body creates and releases energy at the molecular level. Starting with the citric acid cycle, the exclusive Krebs Cycle chelate mineral formulations found in our products allow our scientists to enhance the potential of ATP (adenosenetriphosphate) ― the cornerstone of cellular energy.

Nutrition Where it Counts
Bio-potentiated cellular nutrition – This proprietary protein enrobing technique enhances the delivery of nutrients to cells, making the nutrients cell-ready and more easily transported to targeted body systems. Many of the beneficial results of our products can be credited to this exclusive process.

Protecting Vital Capacity
Cold processing – Protects the vital capacity of nutrients (particularly botanicals) without the heat and over-drying that can destroy the power of raw ingredients.

Coatings Without the Chemicals
Aqueous technology – Coats tablets with pure water and vegetable protein instead of more commonly used shellac and solvent-based chemicals that may impact the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients.

FDA Licensed Manufacturing
Highest quality – Body Wise products are manufactured in a facility licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. That’s rare in the nutritional supplement industry. It means we follow the strictest criteria for purity, potency and testing.