Saturday, March 16, 2013

BW Elance Shake or Instant Breakfast.?

Long before I knew better and long before I liked coffee...I just love Carnation Inst. Breakfast coffee flavor. To me it was a healthy breakfast and it was yummy...   

Fast forward....I have not drank an instant breakfast for years once I realized the sugar content...much less the Carbs..  Check it out..if you were to choose, which is your choice?   Same calorie count but look at the difference in where those calories are based, 
27 g of Carbs vs 20 g of Protein  and 
19 g of sugar vs 1 gram...  

My  choice is clear to me...  BW Elance Frappe Shakes...YUMMMMM   and I do put coffee in the vanilla shake every so often for that childhood treat without the sugar.  Chocolate is good with a banana.

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