Saturday, March 30, 2013

Choices....No more Aspartame!!!

I have been with Body Wise for more than 15 years now...  When I first started on Body Wise I drank a ridiculous about of Diet Coke/Pepsi as did my family.   Through education that Body Wise offered, I learned what was good for you and what was bad and as I got more educated... this is one product I cut completely out of my diet.  Not easy at first, but after 3 - 4 weeks, when I would have a taste of a diet soda, it was shocking!!!  I could taste the chemicals that are a part of Aspartame..  


There is an outrageous amount of information out there as to the dangers of this...  One thing I discovered, Aspartame remains on the market in full knowledge  that it is bad for all consumers    because of deep pockets..  They will not  take it off the market because now it is in all too many foods...and the worst?  Our children are  consuming it in sodas, foods and even popular vitamins..

Read the Label!

Knowledge is powerful...take back the power and learn more about these foods that are not good for you.  And...why not give it the chemical test..Stop it for a month, then take a will be shocked at how horrible that soda now tastes..  You too will be a believer...

Make the Right Choice.

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