Monday, April 21, 2014

Perplexing..... Yup...I am perplexed... but Healthy!


I think this is my new word... I am perplexed by the Health industry as a whole...and I am perplexed by those who are not looking at alternative therapies to add a level of a quality of life... 

Let me explain....  More than 16 years ago I ended up with a compromised immune system, due to the Medical Industry, I cannot mention what it was but I can say, I put on 30+ lbs, I was exhausted, in pain and extremely moody.  I had terrible short term memory loss, horribly constipated and could not sleep through the night, and need a cup of coffee and a cookie to stay away in the afternoon..  Needless to say, I was Miserable!  I mean Miserable!!!  as was my family having top put up with me.  Understand, I did not get this way on my own, I was mis-diagnosed putting me in this condition.  I knew I had to be pro-active in my own health which started my journey of seeking out a nutritional product that would assist in my fight to getting my health back... I found Body Wise.

Not knowing what I know now, I did know that close friends of mine had great results with some of the same issues I had...  So, after doing my homework, looking at other products, I said, "Sign me Up!"  I must thank Paul and Carrie for that introduction.  It truly has changed my life...

Now, 16 years later...I am perplexed...  I am 60 years old...healthy and never get sick... in fact, non of my previous conditions exist today...and I NEVER worry about whatever is the sickness of the day because.... I NEVER get sick.. No more Chronic conditions..  with all that said, do you think those closes to me are on the same journey...NO!  I am perplexed that they know my previous health condition...and yet, they choose not to join the road I am on.
                                       LEARN MORE AND SIGN UP!
                                                            Knowledge is POWER

I just interviewed the founder, formulator and manufacturer of Body Wise.   One of my questions to Tom  was... "Why Body Wise?"  His answer was caring, his answer was honest...his answer was all about helping others..  I will present that interview at our May event.. I am so honored to have the opportunity to spend a little time with Tom and hear his thoughts and intentions.  A very Honorable man.

If you would like to lean how you could get a handle on your chronic conditions, learn how you can help others do the same, then mark your calender and make your reservation to the event...  THIS IS IMPORTANT!

So, Yes!  I am perplexed... A top quality company, a top quality product and excellent and caring people...  

Why would you want to learn more?  


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