Thursday, July 10, 2014

How old do you feel?

 If you know me I am all about Body Wise...  I love the products they help so many people with energy, sleep and more. 

At the age of 40 I remembered saying..."oh, I feel so old!" And now, coming up to my 61st birthday, I do not say that and haven't for years...  But I do have an observation... This past two weeks I did feel old...and I must say it was because of one very special component to my healthy lifestyle and vitamins.  I was out of my Super Cell.  Yup... That Super Cell is such a great addition to my healthy choices.  I am often asked, "Why do you spend so much on your Body Wise Vitamins?"  My answer...

After being out of Super Cell for 2 weeks, I can say that along with my AM's PM's, and a few others...Super Cell is one that cannot be forgotten.  It is true, my quality of life is much improved with my full combination of Body Wise..  Why Body Wise?  Because they make a REMARKABLE difference in my life, my day and my future.  Thank you Body Wise.


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