Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What are our specials for Nov. 2014?

Every month Body Wise offers promotions and specials.  This month, for everywhere in the US and Canada except CA, we have the outstanding workout formula.  California has outlawed something in the ingredients, but rest assured, there is nothing harmful in this product, only the best.  It is a California thing!

Remember, that with every order you will also receive a Certificate of Quality guaranteeing that Body Wise is of the highest standards.

Lets not just workout our bodies, but lets work out our brain as well with MemX.  This is so important to keep your brain functioning at a healthy level.  Don't forget!  MemX is High performance fuel for your BRAIN!

Also, if you order $99 in product, you can become a wholesale buyer for FREE!  That is a $19,95 savings..

Body Wise is something you need to take a look at now!  It is of the Highest Quality, Integrity and Effective.
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