Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What do the Healthcare Professionals Say about....Why Body Wise?

What Healthcare Professionals Recommend 
Celebrating 26 Years of Body Wise

Healthcare professionals love Body Wise. Maybe it’s because our optimal nutrition supplements are pharmaceutical grade and manufactured in an FDA licensed facility ... both rare distinctions of excellence in the crowded field of vitamins.

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and scientists not only recommend Body Wise, but personally use our products every day.

Since 1989, we’ve received so many rave reviews. Here are some we’re happy to share with you!

“…Thank you on behalf of myself and my staff and my patients for providing the very best in state-of-the-art nutritional supplements. Body Wise products provide optimal nutrition supplementation based on documented and well-respected nutritional and scientific research.” Dennis S. Mann, D.O.

“As a former collegiate athlete and busy professional, I had gained 15 pounds during 10 years of career building. Over the past 16 weeks, I have lost 39 pounds, 4 inches in the waist and reduced body fat by 4%. This is exciting!” R. Stephen Jennings, M.D.

“Within ten days, I had lost ¾-of-an-inch around my waist and was on my way to feeling like a new person. But the most impressive thing was the relief from pain I’d had for 15 years… Body Wise has really helped me make my practice more complete. Now I can treat all of my patients more thoroughly.” Clark Zimmerman, M.D.

“As a physician who has spent his career treating disease after it is well-established, it is gratifying to be able to recommend a wellness program that will improve the body’s chances of healing itself and avoiding disease. I’ve been actively recommending the Body Wise program of wellness to my family, friends and patients… Your insistence on being factual and medically and scientifically credible, while focusing on lifestyle changes, as well as using the best manufacturing technology available, is no doubt the reason we see measurable tangible results so often.” Dennis Utley, M.D.

“…Since I began the Body Wise program I have felt an increased energy level as well as increased muscle strength. My once out-of-shape body is now lean and muscular. I have lost 10 scale pounds and a total of 25.75 inches.”  Camille Di Scala, M.D.

“My initial skepticism was soon overcome when I lost 3% body fat and 11 pounds in the first six weeks. Many of my patients complain of weight gain during their recovery from injury. I am now extremely confident in recommending the Body Wise program for fat loss, improved athletic function and optimal healing. I am suggesting that every physical therapist, chiropractor and physician I know take a serious look at this program for the future health and well-being of their patients.”  Paul H. Hasenyager, P.T.

“As an internist and family practitioner, I see the results of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices every hour of my day. After ten years I really searched for a better way to help my patients with wellness, education and nutritional intervention. I was so impressed with the research and formulations that Body Wise had to offer, but the really amazing thing was the results that my patients had in the areas of fat loss and athletic performance.” Jan M. Kief, M.D.

“My patients are writing, calling and personally thanking me for introducing them to Body Wise.” James W. Swim, D.C.

“As a plastic surgeon, I’ve seen extremely gratifying results since implementing the Body Wise products into my practice. I now have all my patients on Body Wise and have watched their quality of life improve tremendously!” Ron Tegtmeier, M.D.

“In the first 30 days on the products I personally dropped two inches across my waist and two across my hips… For me, Body Wise is an extension of my role as a public health nurse practicing preventive medicine.” Linda Pellegrin Porche, R.N.

“I began using Body Wise and have had superb results: 22 pounds of weight loss in seven weeks. Couple those results with outstanding feelings of increased energy, improved mental clarity and good rest patterns, and you sense why I have such personal excitement about Body Wise.”  James R. Matthews, M.D.

“By experiencing the beneficial effects of Body Wise products, I was motivated to incorporate more information about nutritional supplementation into my practice. My patients are impressed by my new approach and are enthusiastic about prevention and the correlation between optimum overall health and oral health.” Hazel J. Harper, D.D.S., M.P.H.

“As I’ve gotten older my body has become stiffer and I had more difficulty keeping up with the younger volleyball players. After my Body Wise experience, all soreness and stiffness disappeared and I have more endurance, speed and flexibility on the court.”Carson Lewis, M.D.

“The results I have seen in my personal life, as well as in others, have encouraged me to not only support Body Wise products but to spread the good news to as many people as possible. Body Wise can help America become a preventive healthcare nation that will: 1) save lives, and 2) reduce the healthcare budget.” Ralph L. Peterson, M.D.


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