Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I am thankful for supplements that keep me going even when the Doctors do not!

Oh my Goodness....Can I rant here for a minute...
40 years ago I had Thyroid Cancer and have been on Armour thyroid for 38 of the 40 years.  For 2 crazy years I was on Sythroid.. before I knew what I know now.

Okay, I admit, I am not one who is good at going to the Doctors.  For some reason (chuckle) they want to see me every 1 1/2 years which I stretch out to 2.  This past year I stretched it out to 3 years... My Calif Doctor was not happy and noted on my file "Absolutely NO refills".  I get it but when your body is missing the Thyroid glad, you have to supplement with Thyroid and for me it is Armour Thyroid.  I have been out of Calif for the past year and could not get in for an appointment.  So, being in Oregon, and having insurance, it was suggested to call an office, I did but they had no appointments.  They suggested Urgent care could fill my prescription, and so I marched right into Urgent care (MY first time ever) and got into see someone.  I must say, I have had bad experiences over these last 40 years but this was the worst.  This person, James, proceeded to insult me and say in 25 years he has never and would never put anyone on Armour.. His Thyroid of choice was Sythyroid.. REALLY?  I asked, "What research have you been reading, you certainly are not up to date..."  Well, there you go... We exchanged heated words as I explained to him the only 2 years of my life I was CRAZY was the 2 years I was on Synthyroid..  He could care less what I thought, knew or felt.. He was the person in charge and he was taking charge of my prescription..  I then asked, "you have no  problem with the word Synthetic when it relates to medication and you have no problem prescribing something for 25 years when it was only FDA approved a few years ago?"

I took his 2 week prescription  of a Synthetic Thyroid and left very irate.  I called the office manager back the next day to complain about James and asked for a refund for the office visit, which I did not get.  I then went in search for a doctor in the area of Oregon where I live and no one was open to new patients.  I even spoke to a very kind nurse who understood my challenge and said it is impossible to find someone to see new patients...maybe the hospital.  I think not... I called my Calif doc office and booked the late Oct appoint just to have it and then was told I could walk into the office and get an appointment.

Today, I walked into the Doctors office knowing I only have 2 days to get in, and I was told, "No appointments until Oct."  I suggested that they set me up an appointment the first week of Nov with a 30 prescription to tie me over...  The gal says, "No, it says Absolutely no refills...because I have not been seen for 3 years."  I responded, "yes I know I have not been seen for 3 years, and I know it says absolutely no refills, but I have NO thyroid!  I have to have my thyroid, I have to see a doctor.  I have been out for 3 months, I have tried to find a doctor, I am here!!!  I have to see a doctor today or tomorrow...  I have no Thyroid!"  trying to stay calm...  She finally went in back, came back out, looked at the computer a little more and said, tomorrow at 4:15 you can see a doctor...  Thank you Lord!!

I know I am not alone in this journey with doctors and thyroid medication.  I find it so strange that a person can walk in a healthy body 40 years after Thyroid Cancer, be on Thyroid medication for 40 years and still, the docs do not listen to the patient..  It is the most frustrating thing in my life... Yes, I understand I have not been into see a doctor for 3 years...As I said to the doctor in Oregon, "Look at me, do you have patients that have the vitals I have or are as healthy as I am?"  Of course there was not answer.

Rant over.....  But I would suggest if you are Thyroid Challenged,  you visit http://www.thyroid-info.com/contact.htm ,  Mary Shomon is an excellent source...

I do have to say, without my Body Wise Vitamins, I would be an absolute mess... Body Wise does not fix my thyroid need, but they certainly do keep me in energy and well being.  Until Body Wise I caught every flue, suffered from chronic hay-fever and had multiple sinus infections every year.  Sense Body Wise, I have had none of the above and it has been more than 18 years... Wow!!!   For me, I live a fuller life, more active, never have a sick day and I can breath..

 I am so very thankful for my health and activity level... Thank you Body Wise!!!

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