Sunday, October 29, 2017

The word CURE...not a word we can use...but we walk in great health.

I find it so strange that this word "cure" is a registered trade mark, and not by the alternative health industry.

For those of us who have an understanding of wellness, or should I say," improving immune system function," (and I will say that because that is all I am allowed to say....) we know that improving the immune system function ones well being is dramatically improved.

Here is the frustrating truth, those of us that have been in the alternative wellness business know what certain alternative treatments can do..but we are not allowed to say so.. So here is what I can say, go to the website, and learn about a fantastic Immune Modulator.  Check it out, use your logic and know that with improved Immune System function, your quality of life will dramatically improve.

I think that is all I will say for now...  Except for one thing... Why Body Wise?  Simply the BEST!!!

Why not join me in a Journey of health and fitness.

I think back when we were kids.  We were not a family of junk food and TV, we were a family that played tennis, road bikes and did a lot of walking.  The food we had in the house was for nutrition due to the fact my mom was a single parent and bought what she could afford.  She could not afford the junk food of today.

I remember some years ago when my oldest daughter introduced me to her friends and said, "my mom cooks from scratch".  That caught me off guard being I feel that I cook.  I do not open boxes that are premixed, I do not use canned veggies, I keep it fresh and I guess that means I cook from scratch.  Gladly!  I often refer to myself as a "Peasant Chief ", meaning, I can create a tasty mean from whatever is there.

Keep the immune system strong is very important and really it is your only defense against illness.  In the toxic world, we need to do whatever we can to stay healthy and prevent disease.

 Join me on the road to living healthy, active and full of adventure.

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