Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What I have said about Body Wise.

Did you know this about me?  

If you asked Catherine the question...  What are you passionate about? She would answer...."Being healthy and preventing illness."  Catherine believes that when there is something that can help you get healthy and stay healthy...then why wouldn't you take a deeper look.
"I have been using Body Wise for nearly 20 years and I cannot tell you how much my overall health has improved, but better than my health, I am more excited to see the health of those I share these products with improve...  I am so thrilled to see my clients take control of their lives." says Catherine.
As a mother of 3 adult children who have children, her greatest joy is knowing that her grandchildren have a vehicle for staying in excellent health.  Catherine loves being that healthy influence in the life of her children, grandchildren and the general public as a Community Wellness Advocate.
Living life to the fullest is another passion of Catherine's with the coast being where her heart is as she spends much of her time with sand between her toes.
Photography is a big part of Catherine's life capturing Joy, Beauty and Peace through the eye of her camera.   A lot of her observations can be found in her blog....  My Walking Observation.  Catherine is in full time observation mode.
If you are looking for a Wellness Coach, Catherine is one you should consider.  After her own bout of cancer more than 37 years ago, Catherine is very empathetic with those that have health challenges.  Catherine has also concurred Hormonal issues as well...  She loves to share her experience and help design a program that is perfect for you!!! 
Feel free to contact Catherine via email or phone.  
"So many people become friendly with their health challenge, if you would like to be friendly with living and laughter, then lets talk... Take control of your health now! "  Catherine noted...  "I must say, I hated my health challenges and I had a bunch, I am thrilled to not have my lifetime of challenges any longer..."
With Body Wise.... 

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