Saturday, March 28, 2020

It is Saturday night in a coastal community with no one of the street.

It is 7:30 PM in Cannon Beach Oregon, a small coastal community.

Cannon Beach has a stay a 'Stay at Home, Stay Safe' in place, all the restaurants are closed or have TOGO only orders.  But at 7:30 pm on a Saturday Night, when things are normally jumping, there are 4 cars parked on a 3 block stretch.

In comparison to last weekend, when we had a town FULL of tourist, it is a little comforting that it is only open to the locals.  But, there is no one on the street and all business are closed.  There is something aerie and comforting.  Aerie to not have a sole in a downtown that is normally busy, but strangely comforting to have a safe area to live and walk in.

I am glad that Oregon is taking a proactive approach to this virus, I am glad that the CBCC, where I work, is also being proactive closing down for the next 4 weeks.  It does put a burden on our fiances as staff but as I will only be able to cover my bills with no extra money.  I thought again and realized, no Biggy!  I can't go anywhere anyways.  It will be days of staying home and being creative.

I am hunkered down, being creative and eating my home cook food.  I am settled in and safe.  Although I am at the age of being vulnerable(so 'they' say), I do not feel vulnerable.  I have not been sick in 25 years as I do what I can to take care of my health.  I work at keeping a  strong Immune System which is my first line of defense. 

I would encourage you to stay safe in your home, keep your social distance, and feed your Immune System with good nutrition.  Body Wise is of the highest quality of nutrition and I am thankful to be involved with such an outstanding company... Now for 25 years 

We have no less than 4 weeks to get to know yourself.  I am like I like me because I spend a lot of time with me.

If you would like to read some great info on AG Immune and Body Wise Int'l, please go to

Monday, March 25, 2019

Where are my glasses? Oh...they are on my head?

Yes!  The memory is to be cherished just as our eyes, legs, arms...and, should I go on.  With the Baby Boom generation being a large number of the population and the Baby Boomer population with distracted grandchildren that the doctors are putting on drugs in very large numbers, it is time!

What time is it?  Oh is time for the newly formulated Memex: Super Memex2.

Have  you heard?   "We" are launching a new product, or should I say..a reformulated product.  Oh Wait...I already said that...  Hummm.

Oh ya, This is very exciting not just for Body Wise, for our business but also what it can do for those people who are looking for this product.  

How many times have you looked for your glasses and they are on your head?
How many times have you been talking on  your cell phone while looking for your cell phone?
How many time have you walked into a room and couldn't remember why? 

These are 3  fun examples of forgetfulness,  but there are those who forget where they live or the faces of their loved ones.

This product is not only for the forgetful but also for the distracted.  There is no age limit.  From the youth to the aging.

Please mark you Calendar.   End of May is the time... Remember that!  Wait! Write that down... end of May.
Contact me and I will get you the information.

Please go to for updates and more information.

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