Saturday, March 30, 2013

Choices....No more Aspartame!!!

I have been with Body Wise for more than 15 years now...  When I first started on Body Wise I drank a ridiculous about of Diet Coke/Pepsi as did my family.   Through education that Body Wise offered, I learned what was good for you and what was bad and as I got more educated... this is one product I cut completely out of my diet.  Not easy at first, but after 3 - 4 weeks, when I would have a taste of a diet soda, it was shocking!!!  I could taste the chemicals that are a part of Aspartame..  


There is an outrageous amount of information out there as to the dangers of this...  One thing I discovered, Aspartame remains on the market in full knowledge  that it is bad for all consumers    because of deep pockets..  They will not  take it off the market because now it is in all too many foods...and the worst?  Our children are  consuming it in sodas, foods and even popular vitamins..

Read the Label!

Knowledge is powerful...take back the power and learn more about these foods that are not good for you.  And...why not give it the chemical test..Stop it for a month, then take a will be shocked at how horrible that soda now tastes..  You too will be a believer...

Make the Right Choice.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

....Rear Ends...We all got one...Lets keep it that way.

 I just had to pass on this great article by Debbie Powers.... She is an expert...

Butts….Buns….Fannies….call ‘em whatever you want.  Our backsides are more exposed now that spring is here.  Shorts and swimsuits hide very little.  Those long winter days of consuming warm cookies, hot chocolate, or other cold-weather treats are now in full view of everyone at the pool, lake, or beach.  For this reason, I am going to spend the next few emails with suggested exercises to help tone those “now-exposed” body parts.  We all know that specific exercises will not necessarily reduce the fat you have accumulated on a specific area.  Only by reining in the calories and creating a calorie deficit day in and day out will the fat disappear.  Vigorous aerobic exercise burns calories and can reduce overall body fat.  However, exercises targeting a specific muscle group will tone those muscles and create a tighter look.  Combining the right nutrition with the right exercises will yield results.  For this reason, spring and summer are great times to enjoy the refreshing Body Wise Élancé shakes for a nutritious and low-calorie meal.    Exercising for great glutes can include both aerobic and strength work:
  1. Walking – walk very briskly so that you can push your glutes to the max. Add some hills or stairs.
  2. Jogging – like when walking, hit the hills or try some interval sprints.
  3. Biking or Spinning – increase the resistance so that you have to pump hard, or even stand to pump.
  4. Squats – stand with your feet shoulder width apart and lower into a squat as if you were going to sit into a chair. Keep the torso upright. Return to a standing position. Holding some weights increases the work.
  5. Lunges – step out with one foot and lower the back knee toward the floor. Make sure the front knee does not extend past the front foot. Push off with the front foot back to the starting position. Alternate lead foot. Hang onto a chair or wall if you need help with balance.
  6. Hip extensions – stand facing a wall, placing hands on the wall, and with a straight back push one leg out behind you as high as it can go (while keeping the leg straight). You can also do this down on the floor on all fours, and simply extending one leg back and up.
Doing these exercises daily will help tone your glutes. Remember that the basic shape of our rear ends is dictated by our genetics. However, with some work, you can get a tighter look whether your butt is wide, flat, high, or low.

Debbie Powers, an Executive Director with Body Wise International, is Assistant Professor Emerita of Wellness at Ball State University. She has co-authored A Wellness Way of Life, 10th ed., McGraw-Hill; A Fit and Well Way of Life, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill; and A Fit Way of Life, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

BW Elance Shake or Instant Breakfast.?

Long before I knew better and long before I liked coffee...I just love Carnation Inst. Breakfast coffee flavor. To me it was a healthy breakfast and it was yummy...   

Fast forward....I have not drank an instant breakfast for years once I realized the sugar content...much less the Carbs..  Check it out..if you were to choose, which is your choice?   Same calorie count but look at the difference in where those calories are based, 
27 g of Carbs vs 20 g of Protein  and 
19 g of sugar vs 1 gram...  

My  choice is clear to me...  BW Elance Frappe Shakes...YUMMMMM   and I do put coffee in the vanilla shake every so often for that childhood treat without the sugar.  Chocolate is good with a banana.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why Does Aie 10 work so well?

Ai/E 10

Why Does Ai/E10 Work So Well?  
By David L. Bergsma
President and CEO of Health Technology Resources I am often asked why Ai/E10 works so well in support of immunity. There are some real good reasons of which we have knowledge and some mechanisms that remain to be explored and understood. It is important to understand that dietary supplements largely depend upon interacting biologic processes and the condition of the infra-structure of the user.
Ai/E10 has been shown in numerous studies and in clinical application to support a modulation of B, T and NK cell activity reactive to staph, strep, salmonella, pseudomas and e.coli, as well as extending gene expression across an important array of genes associated with innate and adaptive immunity as well as immune modulation. These are important benefits that help us move towards "dynamic balance" where the immune system operates at its most effective level.
This is a place that will differ for each of us depending on our individual infrastructure and the effects of stress, diet, toxin and infection on our infrastructure at any time. When our immune system is working well we can expect it to do its job of recognizing, responding to and remembering foreign invaders. The benefits manifest in better health and are described accurately as effective immune system structure and function.

Major Flu "Epidemic" in the US

There is no better way to help ourselves in the face of the annual arrival of new viruses and evolving bacteria than to support the structure and function of our immune response. The immune response has three (3) imperatives....RECOGNIZE, RESPOND and REMEMBER. Supporting the execution of these imperatives should be a primary goal year 'round for all of us.
Supporting the structure and function of the immune response is not the same as simply "stimulating" an immune response. Rather, we support the imperatives by supporting a "modulated" response.
Ai/E10 is the only dietary ingredient shown to support true immune modulation in published scientific studies.
The uniquely created reactive molecules included in Ai/E10 provide a specific means to directly supplement the immune communication molecules of the immune system responsible for immune signaling and memory functions and initiate a wide range of other cellular, immunological responses depending upon many environmental and systemic conditions. This is a safe, gentle and totally unique approach that yields a highly effective dietary supplement incomparably supporting both innate and adaptive immunity.

The Secondary Infection

This is from the MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia:
Secondary infections are infections that occur during or after treatment of another pre-existing infection. They may result from the treatment itself or other changes and effects on the immune system. For example, a yeast infection that occurs after antibiotic treatment of a bacterial infection is a secondary infection. Bacterial pneumonia after a viral upper respiratory infection is another example.
In my view, secondary infections are the bane of our planet. They strike quickly without warning while we are in a weakened condition and they can take a great deal of time to finally resolve. In fact, they can kill us and do kill many of us each year. When we hear the horror stories of people dying from exotic infections such as MRSA, we are most often hearing about people succumbing to secondary infection. The avoidance of secondary infection will improve the quality of everyone's life. We can do that most efficiently by maintaining a strong immune response. Ai/E10 contributes to building a strong immune response by supporting the cellular communication upon which the immune response relies in its efforts to recognize, respond and remember foreign invaders.
No other product provides this unique dietary support to the structure and function of our immune system.
* These statements have not been approved by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Feel Just 7 days!!!

The Natural Way to Ignite Metabolism and Vitality

Other detox and cleanse products use harsh chemicals and stimulants, but the Élancé Detox and Cleanse System relies on botanicals to rid the body of toxins, ignite metabolism and restore vitality. *
Many of these botanicals grow in the bracing climate of the Himalayas, where majestic mountains cradle pristine plant life and glacial lakes. The Élancé Detox and Cleanse System is:
• All Natural• Gluten Free
• Vegan• Preservative Free
• GMO Free• Low Glycemic