Saturday, May 11, 2013

Did you know... Your Immune System doesn't send you any messages until you are sick?


Ask now..."How can I get AiE10?"

Below is some GENERAL info...stay tuned...this week I will post an interview with David Bergsma, the formulator of AgImmune and NK Immune.

What scientific methods are used to determine the presence of immunoactive molecules in Ai/E¹º that support cytokine pathways?
This is accomplished through a combination of laboratory tests that include electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, tissue cultures, and molecular function analysis.  
What specific clinical measurement has been applied to such extracts?
Clinical Laboratory studies are available for download...

  What is an immune modulator?
Immune Modulation is a natural and effective regulated immune response that involves many aspects and components of the immune system through recognition, response, feedback and memory. This is an ordinary activity of healthy immune function.
How does "Modulation" differ from "Stimulation?"
There is a significant distinction between stimulating and modulating. Modulation is a natural process. That is not necessarily true of stimulation. Stimulation typically causes some portion of the immune system to experience a functional increase or "spike" for a short period of time. This increase is often followed by a reversal or balancing adjustment by the immune system to the old level or even lower. An immune modulator has the ability to both up-regulate, or down-regulate immune system activity as needed.

Should I take other nutritional supplements with Ai/E¹º or multiple products containing Ai/E¹º at the same time?
Certainly. Take whatever supplements you consider appropriate.  Ai/E¹º is not know to interfere with any other dietary supplement.

Can I take Ai/E¹º products for a long period of time?
There are now many people who have taken Ai/E¹º products continuously for many years with no reported ill effects or any apparent loss of immune support. Ai/E¹º is non-toxic and considered safe for life long consumption. Continued use appears to provide continued support.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hear from an Expert...Debbie Powers and Why Body Wise?

Debbie has a vast background in nutrition as well as co-authoring Nutrition Text books for Colleges..
Tune in and hear Why Debbie and her family have decided, for the last 20 years, Why Body Wise?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Because it works and it is Fun!!!

Hi Ya All!!

I am having some fun doing this blog, blogtalkradio and now You tube videos and they are all about Why Body Wise...

I am having so much fun getting the word out on these outstanding products.  If you would like more info,
feel free to contact me.

Simply the BEST!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Why Body Wise via YOUtube

Why Body Wise???  via YOUTUBE...
Get ready for a little series about Body Wise and how
Wonderful these products are!