Monday, December 1, 2014

December 2014 Body Wise Specials

December is the emotional end to one year and starting of another..  I have always used December to reflect on what I have or have not accomplished, a time to say good bye to the things of the past and to welcome the the new year.  Along with that, I know many of us what a less stressed life and much better health.  If that is you, then I would ask that you would consider looking at this outstanding product line by Body Wise.  More than 16 years now for me and I know the effects and improved health.

There is one of my absolute favorite products with Body Wise, Super Cell.  I call this my Super Duber being it does so much, oxygen uptake, pain, heart health, athletic performance and so much more.

The only think I can say is try it...I am sure you will like it.  Please feel free to go to to learn more.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What are our specials for Nov. 2014?

Every month Body Wise offers promotions and specials.  This month, for everywhere in the US and Canada except CA, we have the outstanding workout formula.  California has outlawed something in the ingredients, but rest assured, there is nothing harmful in this product, only the best.  It is a California thing!

Remember, that with every order you will also receive a Certificate of Quality guaranteeing that Body Wise is of the highest standards.

Lets not just workout our bodies, but lets work out our brain as well with MemX.  This is so important to keep your brain functioning at a healthy level.  Don't forget!  MemX is High performance fuel for your BRAIN!

Also, if you order $99 in product, you can become a wholesale buyer for FREE!  That is a $19,95 savings..

Body Wise is something you need to take a look at now!  It is of the Highest Quality, Integrity and Effective.
Start Today!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Why is Body Wise the Right Choice.... A great tour of Vita Tech.

The Body Wise Difference... 

This past Saturday, Nov 15, 2014, we had an outstanding time learning all about the foundation of Body Wise, Why it is the Right Choice, and What makes Body Wise different from all the others in the industry.

Tom Tierny, owner of Vitatech and co-founder of Body Wise International hosted our attendees and leading the tour of his state of the art manufacturing facility where our superior supplements were created and still manufactured. 
It has been more than 7 years sense we have had a tour of Vitatech, it was so great to be there again... 
I personally have been on this tour many times over the past 15 years and every time I learn something new...  To know that this is the standard that Body Wise is manufactured  which is Superior to anything that is in the supplement industry today.. To know that when I share Body Wise with you, it is of the highest standards and quality.  Only the BEST!

After the tour I had the honor of interviewing Tom and why he cares so much about alternative health and quality in manufacturing...  In his words, "Because it is the right thing to do.  Yes, it is the right thing to do!

We also got to hear from Dr Steve Kohl and Steve Hughes.  Dr. Steve actually formulated our OptimEyes to help protect your sight.  Dr Steve also is a wealth of info on quality and the integrity of Body Wise.  
We wrapped up the day with Dr David Bergsma with an outstanding lecture and Q&A on  Aie10, AG Immune and NK Immune for the perfect and most effective immune support.  David Bergsma is one of the kindest and knowledgeable experts you would ever want to meet.
This was a couple of days of learning valuable information on health and wellness as well as re-connecting with old friends and new.  We also had great Meet and Greet on the Friday evening where we mingled with old friends and our corporate support.


If you would like to know more about how to have the same fantastic results so many have over the past 25 years...please feel free to contact me...  

For more information on the immune support, please go to
Why Body Wise...  Only the BEST!

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Right Choice with Body Wise International

The question.... What is the Right Choice?
Thy question.... Why Body Wise?

The Answer is...come and learn Why Body Wise is the Right Choice.  Nov 14th and 15th in Orange Co Calif.  Come tour the manufacturing facility that sets the standards for the superior quality for Body Wise International.

Tom Tierny, the founder of Body Wise and the owner of Vitatech will host the tour.  I will then  interview Tom and at the end of the interview we will have a time for  questions.  What a gift to have Tom lead the tour and welcome us into the Vitatech facility.  Thank you Tom!

We will then have an interview and Q& A with Dr J Jacques and Dr David Bergsma.  Come prepared with your questions, but remember... Body Wise does not make any claims.

This is an event that your will find of great value and will look back at Nov 15th as the best investment you could make on a Saturday.

The schedule is as follows:
Friday night we will meet at the hotel for a networking time, then bright and early at Vitatech for the tour at 8:15.
Tom T 8:15-9:30
Dr Presentation 1
Dr Presentation 2
Training till 3pm (ending)
We will then gather back for follow up at the Hotel.

As the host and chair for this are personally invited to join us.
Please review the attachment for more details.

Registration at 50% savings until Oct 31st. $25.00

Monday, August 25, 2014

Do you run your immune system like a Premium Automobile.?

If your car calls for Premium, do you put the low grade in your engine?  If the answer is yes you will have some big repairs to do....

If the answer is NO!  You are a wise person and know that your car is a car that needs the best.

My question, Do you put Premium nutrition in your body?  The same can hold true for you...if you choose inferior nutrition, the repairs with be great...if you choose the best for your body you chances of living a long healthy life are great!  Good Going!!!

Body Wise is offering for the Month of Aug, these great specials...  
Electro Aloe, OptimEyes, OxyG2
All the best, all effective, all marked down 20%.

Are you ready to see how these outstanding products are made...  NOV 15th, 2014, Join us for a tour of the manufacturing facility and see how a Premium Product is made...  

Do you want to learn more about how to support the immune system, then this is the date and the place for you.  Go to to register.

Monday, July 28, 2014

ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED? Are you doing your best for your Immune System, and the Immune System of your familyl

I think about this question all the time... My grand-kids get sick, my friends kids get sick, YOU get sick... AND it is all related to the immune system.

What can you do?  Choose a lifestyle that is healthy, active and your food is clean and fresh...
But that is not also need to supplement with top quality vitamins...  You known that we can no longer get the health benefits from our foods... Any intelligent person knows that.

I know, if you take these products, you will have improved health and vitality.  Go to to learn more, read the scientific research...and get your own results.

16+ years ago, I started taking Body Wise and have never stopped.  I had chronic issues and getting on a superior quality product made all the difference in the world.  My whole health agenda turned around.

Having had cancer more than 37 years ago, my doctor at the time told me for the rest of my life I would have to take vitamins..  I did...did not see a difference until Body health today at 60 is much improved than my health at 40.  The same could be true for you...   Go to and see some of my story...  My quality of life, my energy and sense of well being is all, in part, credited to my Body Wise Products.

Every order comes with a Certificate of Quality...No other company does that!

A Big Bang for your Buck...  24/7 Kit

If you have been looking, wondering and just ready...
NOW is the tie for great health, NOW is the time for.   


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why Body Wise and Female Advantage. 20% off this month-July 2014

Did you know there is something natural that can help?
Female Advantage by Body Wise Intl. 
Only the Best and the Best results.

Why Female Advantage by Body Wise International.....  
Because they work... They work for me, they will work for you.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How old do you feel?

 If you know me I am all about Body Wise...  I love the products they help so many people with energy, sleep and more. 

At the age of 40 I remembered saying..."oh, I feel so old!" And now, coming up to my 61st birthday, I do not say that and haven't for years...  But I do have an observation... This past two weeks I did feel old...and I must say it was because of one very special component to my healthy lifestyle and vitamins.  I was out of my Super Cell.  Yup... That Super Cell is such a great addition to my healthy choices.  I am often asked, "Why do you spend so much on your Body Wise Vitamins?"  My answer...

After being out of Super Cell for 2 weeks, I can say that along with my AM's PM's, and a few others...Super Cell is one that cannot be forgotten.  It is true, my quality of life is much improved with my full combination of Body Wise..  Why Body Wise?  Because they make a REMARKABLE difference in my life, my day and my future.  Thank you Body Wise.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This is going to be a tour you will NOT want to MISS!

I get asked the question often, Why Body Wise? 
 Well on Nov 15, 2014 you can learn Why....

We will have the opportunity to tour the manufacturing plant, Vitatech.   
Vitatech is an FDA Regulated facility,
This will give you just an overview what you will see..

You will learn how Body Wise Intl came into being more than 25 years ago, explaining why it is still one of the top supplement companies in the North America. 
 Meet the Founder, Formulator and Manufacture of Body Wise, Tom Tierney. 


JOIN US NOV 15, 2014
We will tour Vitatech, hear from Tom T. 
Why is Body Wise the Right Choice,
Come and Learn for yourself.. 
You won't regret it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

................Cure................ Not a word we can use unless we are an MD..maybe..

I find it so strange that this word "cure" is a registered trade mark, and not by the alternative health industry.

For those of us who have an understanding of wellness, or should I say," improving immune system function," (and I will say that because that is all I am allowed to say....) we know that improving the immune system function ones well being is dramatically improved.

Here is the frustrating truth, those of us that have been in the alternative wellness business know what certain alternative treatments can do..but we are not allowed to say so.. So here is what I can say, go to the website, and learn about a fantastic Immune Modulator.  Check it out, use your logic and know that with improved Immune System function, your quality of life will dramatically improve.

I think that is all I will say for now...  Except for one thing... Why Body Wise?  Simply the BEST!!!

Why not join me in a Journey of health and fitness. 

I think back when we were kids.  We were not a family of junk food and TV, we were a family that played tennis, road bikes and did a lot of walking.  The food we had in the house was for nutrition due to the fact my mom was a single parent and bought what she could afford.  She could not afford the junk food of today. 

I remember some years ago when my oldest daughter introduced me to her friends and said, "my mom cooks from scratch".  That caught me off guard being I feel that I cook.  I do not open boxes that are premixed, I do not use canned veggies, I keep it fresh and I guess that means I cook from scratch.  Gladly!  I often refer to myself as a "Peasant Chief ", meaning, I can create a tasty mean from whatever is there.

Keep the immune system strong is very important and really it is your only defense against illness.  In the toxic world, we need to do whatever we can to stay healthy and prevent disease.

 Join me on the road to living healthy, active and full of adventure.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Body Wise~ IMMUNE HEALTH EVENT.....No Hype + All Science = Ag Immune

Oh my Goodness... 
We had such a wonderful event in Las Vegas... 
 I am excited to say, the Fall event will be in Calif...

We wrapped up a great weekend seminar learning more about the immune system. What i learned is this... We can do a lot to improve the immune system... All good....but.... Without the immune system communicating... Its like a packed freeway without running willy nilly. When the immune system communicates, that is when the work is done... Aie10 which is the main ingredient in ag immune, not only adds great stuff to your immune system, but it also is the only immune support that also communicates... That means, the immune system is supplied with great immune supporting nutrition but also the immune system knows what to do with all that great nutritional support, with all the communication. Aie 10 is the only nutrition molecule that communicates... The only! Very important.

Why focus on the The Immune System?

The immune system is a network of many interdependent cell types that collectively protect the body from bacterial, parasitic, fungal, and viral infections and from the growth of tumor cells. The immune system's job is a complicated process that involves a coordinated effort of its many components throughout your body. All cells of the immune system are initially derived from the bone marrow. These cells include T lymphocytes, natural killer cells, B cells, polymorphonuclear (PMN) leukocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells.

Bone marrow derived stem cells differentiate into mature cells or into precursors of cells that migrate out of the bone marrow to mature elsewhere. B cells, natural killer cells, PMNs, and prothymacytes (immature T cells) are produced by the bone marrow as well as red blood cells and platelets. The thymus produces mature T cells that are released into the blood stream. The spleen is an immunological filter that captures foreign materials passing through it.

In the bloodstream, migratory macrophages and dendritic cells present antigens to the T-cells to initiate an immune response. B cells become activated and produce large amounts of antibody. Lymph nodes filter lymph and are found throughout the body. They are mostly composed of T cells, B cells, dendritic cells and macrophages. Antigens are filtered out of the lymph fluid in the node before the lymph is returned to the circulation. The captured antigens are presented to the T and B cells initiating an immune response.

Prolonged stress and poor nutrition have been shown in countless studies to suppress immune system function. This suppressive effect is recognized by scientific consensus. Unfortunately, each of these factors are a part of our normal lives and for all practical purposes not avoidable.
If you would like to know more about the immune system we recommend the following web site for your review.

The Immune System in our first line of defense to staying healthy.   It is very important to feed your immune system just the right stuff;...  With Body Wise, you have all the right stuff..  With the Science that backs up the products, the integrity of the ingredients and the research, Body Wise and Ag Immune is the perfect combination..   
 Questions and Answers
What scientific methods are used to determine the presence of immunoactive molecules in Ai/E¹º that support cytokine pathways?

This is accomplished through a combination of laboratory tests that include electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, tissue cultures, and molecular function analysis.

What specific clinical measurement has been applied to such extracts?

Clinical and laboratory studies are available for download. See Research page.

What is an immune modulator?

Immune Modulation is a natural and effective regulated immune response that involves many aspects and components of the immune system through recognition, response, feedback and memory. This is an ordinary activity of healthy immune function.

How does "Modulation" differ from "Stimulation?"

There is a significant distinction between stimulating and modulating. Modulation is a natural process. That is not necessarily true of stimulation. Stimulation typically causes some portion of the immune system to experience a functional increase or "spike" for a short period of time. This increase is often followed by a reversal or balancing adjustment by the immune system to the old level or even lower. An immune modulator has the ability to both up-regulate, or down-regulate immune system activity as needed.

Should I take other nutritional supplements with Ai/E¹º or multiple products containing Ai/E¹º at the same time?
Certainly. Take whatever supplements you consider appropriate.  Ai/E¹º is not know to interfere with any other dietary supplement.

Can I take Ai/E¹º products for a long period of time?

There are now many people who have taken Ai/E¹º products continuously for many years with no reported ill effects or any apparent loss of immune support. Ai/E¹º is non-toxic and considered safe for life long consumption. Continued use appears to provide continued support.
Dietary Ingredient Solutions, LLC

Monday, April 21, 2014

Perplexing..... Yup...I am perplexed... but Healthy!


I think this is my new word... I am perplexed by the Health industry as a whole...and I am perplexed by those who are not looking at alternative therapies to add a level of a quality of life... 

Let me explain....  More than 16 years ago I ended up with a compromised immune system, due to the Medical Industry, I cannot mention what it was but I can say, I put on 30+ lbs, I was exhausted, in pain and extremely moody.  I had terrible short term memory loss, horribly constipated and could not sleep through the night, and need a cup of coffee and a cookie to stay away in the afternoon..  Needless to say, I was Miserable!  I mean Miserable!!!  as was my family having top put up with me.  Understand, I did not get this way on my own, I was mis-diagnosed putting me in this condition.  I knew I had to be pro-active in my own health which started my journey of seeking out a nutritional product that would assist in my fight to getting my health back... I found Body Wise.

Not knowing what I know now, I did know that close friends of mine had great results with some of the same issues I had...  So, after doing my homework, looking at other products, I said, "Sign me Up!"  I must thank Paul and Carrie for that introduction.  It truly has changed my life...

Now, 16 years later...I am perplexed...  I am 60 years old...healthy and never get sick... in fact, non of my previous conditions exist today...and I NEVER worry about whatever is the sickness of the day because.... I NEVER get sick.. No more Chronic conditions..  with all that said, do you think those closes to me are on the same journey...NO!  I am perplexed that they know my previous health condition...and yet, they choose not to join the road I am on.
                                       LEARN MORE AND SIGN UP!
                                                            Knowledge is POWER

I just interviewed the founder, formulator and manufacturer of Body Wise.   One of my questions to Tom  was... "Why Body Wise?"  His answer was caring, his answer was honest...his answer was all about helping others..  I will present that interview at our May event.. I am so honored to have the opportunity to spend a little time with Tom and hear his thoughts and intentions.  A very Honorable man.

If you would like to lean how you could get a handle on your chronic conditions, learn how you can help others do the same, then mark your calender and make your reservation to the event...  THIS IS IMPORTANT!

So, Yes!  I am perplexed... A top quality company, a top quality product and excellent and caring people...  

Why would you want to learn more?  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Do you really buy your vitamins from the market...?

I must say, for years I have had to take vitamins as per my Surgeon after my Thyroid Cancer.  My battle was to find

  1. a multi vitamin that had in the bottle what was on the label. 
  2. a multi vitamin that did not upset my stomach
  3. a multi vitamin that, bone, overall well being.
That was a very frustrating search for me.  Being I did not have a Thyroid, it was very important to supplement and my surgeon insisted.  

For 19 years I was on the search for something that fulfilled the 3 key points above.  At the age of 44 I was feeling exhausted, couldn't sleep at night, and could not stay awake during the day, my hormones were out of whack and I put on an ungodly amount of weight.

And then came Body Wise....  Body Wise helped me stay awake during the day, sleep at night, drop the weight and oh hormones leveled out.  My overall sense of well being completely changed.  Body Wise Rocked my world!!!

I did not know, prior to Body Wise, about a Certificate of Quality and how terribly important it is..  Why did vitamins upset my stomach?  95% of the vitamins out there are covered in  glaze that is not healthy and should not be ingested...along with additives, dyes and more. 

Body Wise offers this Certificate of Quality with every order... Please read the regulations our company submits to...this is important!!!

I have heard it said, "I cannot afford Body Wise"  my answer is .... "REALLY?"  For a full range mulit vitamin it is under $2.00 a much do you spend on coffee...certainly more than $2 dollars a day!

And then there is the most superior quality of Omega 3's out there... Our Omega Complete...  The Best.

For $20 a month... Need I say more...

So now lets talk about the best full range package possible...
Our Essential nutrition
Do the math...  This is the best nutrition money can buy...   

My advice to you who is reading this, do you homework...check it out...and tell me...This is the BEST!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Catherine..... Sold out for Body Wise International

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Staying Healthy and staying out of the sick care system, my path, is it yours too?

I often think about how everyone around me is getting sick...and how I don't!  I love staying healthy!

Let me say, there was a day that I caught everything in the air, along with some chronic conditions.  Logically I knew it was all related to the immune system but how do I improve my immune system when I already had a healthy diet and lifestyle but still kept getting sick?

Answer: Superior supplements that feed the immune system nothing but pure healthy ingredients.

Did I ever think that a simple vitamin could support my immune system as I got healthier day by day, year by year and now it has been more than 16 years. It is delightful to not have to worry about what is going around  because, I just don't catch it. Again, I love staying healthy!

Quality of Life?  HUGE difference in my quality of life.  I just love being and staying too can support your immune system and the immune system of your friends and family.

One such ingredient that helps to improve your immune system is AIE 10.   Here is a link that explains more about this Nutritional Molecule AIE 10.

“Immune Support That Works”
Ai/E¹º®a product of advanced patented technology and a vast proprietary history, is the foremost dietary supplement ingredient available for support of immune function in people of all ages.
And if you would like to hear from David Bergsma about this great ingredient, please mark your calender and join us in Las Vegas for this training.  Learn how this was found, formulated and added to the immune category of the line up at Body Wise Intl.
Early Bird sign up, save 50%
$25.00 each

This is the Ultimate Nutrient!  Let it be your Ultimate Nutrient back to great health.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Immune Health Event: The Ultimate Nutrient, The Ultimate Business

This is going to be a great event..  We are organizing a grassroots event to present you with outstanding Immune information from one of our countries top experts.
Special Speakers 
  • Tom Tierney, Body Wise Founder  .....The Foundation and Values of Body Wise (video greeting)

  • David Bergsma, President of Health Technology Resources and Co-Developer of the Ultimate Nutrient ........Immune Health (real time streaming presentation with Q&A)

  • Debbie Powers, Body Wise Executive Director, Assistant Professor Emerita of Wellness at Ball State University and co-author of “A Wellness Way of Life”......Nutrition, Sports and the Body Wise Opportunity (live and in person)

This is a great event for learning how to improve your immune system..
and how to help others improve their health.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Caveman, The Stone age, The Paleo Diet.

I started to think... What does this word Paleo mean and as I read the definitionolder or ancient, esp. relating to the geological past  I thought, OH!!! This is the Caveman diet!  As I looked up the Caveman diet, the below article is what I found.  

I do think the bottom line to healthy weight loss is: Eat Fresh, Eat Clean, Eat Green.    If you eat in this way, call it whatever you want...just keep eating Clean, get your Exercise, drink plenty of Water and you will drop weight.  It is that simple as a Caveman.

The Paleo Diet
Eat like a caveman and shed pounds. That's the theory behind the Paleo Diet.
Loren Cordain, PhD, who literally wrote the book on The Paleo Diet, claims that by eating like our prehistoric ancestors, we’ll be leaner and less likely to get diabetes,heart diseasecancer, and other health problems.
Also called the Caveman Diet or the Stone Age diet, it’s basically a high-protein, high-fiber eating plan that promises you can lose weight without cutting calories.

What You Can Eat and What You Can't

Go Paleo, and you'll eat a lot of fresh lean meats and fish, fruits, and vegetables, and healthier fats.
You can also eat:
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Healthier oils, including olive oil and coconut oil
You can't eat any processed foods on this diet. And since our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, not farmers, say goodbye to wheat and dairy, along with other grains and legumes (such as peanuts and beans). Other foods to avoid:
  • Dairy
  • Refined sugar
  • Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Refined vegetable oils, such as canola

Level of Effort: Moderate

There’s no calorie counting, and the fiber-rich fruits and vegetables will fill you up, as will the lean meat.
Limitations: The Paleo Diet allows for some cheating, especially at first. When you're just starting, you can eat what you want for 3 meals a week. Cordain calls those "open meals." Or you can challenge yourself to just one "open meal" per week.
Shopping and cooking: You'll need to stock up on the allowed foods and cook from scratch, so plan for kitchen time.
Packaged foods or meals? None. Processed foods are a no-no.
In-person meetings? None.
Exercise: Not required when you're losing weight. But Cordain strongly recommends it to maintain weight loss and for overall health.

Does It Allow for Dietary Restrictions or Preferences?

Vegetarian or vegan: This diet emphasizes meat and fish, and Cordain says it's impossible to follow a Paleo Diet without eating meat, seafood, or eggs. Excellent vegetarian sources of protein, such as beans and other legumes, are not allowed.
Low-salt diet: The diet doesn't allow salt, so it may help you cut down on sodium. If you do eat any foods that come from a can or a box, you would still need to check the sodium on food labels.

What Else You Should Know

Costs: Eating a lot of meat and fish can raise your grocery bill.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Announcing our spring event...2014

+Body Wise Intl... spring event... Hear more about at at blog talk radio.

Tune in and learn