Friday, April 11, 2014

Do you really buy your vitamins from the market...?

I must say, for years I have had to take vitamins as per my Surgeon after my Thyroid Cancer.  My battle was to find

  1. a multi vitamin that had in the bottle what was on the label. 
  2. a multi vitamin that did not upset my stomach
  3. a multi vitamin that, bone, overall well being.
That was a very frustrating search for me.  Being I did not have a Thyroid, it was very important to supplement and my surgeon insisted.  

For 19 years I was on the search for something that fulfilled the 3 key points above.  At the age of 44 I was feeling exhausted, couldn't sleep at night, and could not stay awake during the day, my hormones were out of whack and I put on an ungodly amount of weight.

And then came Body Wise....  Body Wise helped me stay awake during the day, sleep at night, drop the weight and oh hormones leveled out.  My overall sense of well being completely changed.  Body Wise Rocked my world!!!

I did not know, prior to Body Wise, about a Certificate of Quality and how terribly important it is..  Why did vitamins upset my stomach?  95% of the vitamins out there are covered in  glaze that is not healthy and should not be ingested...along with additives, dyes and more. 

Body Wise offers this Certificate of Quality with every order... Please read the regulations our company submits to...this is important!!!

I have heard it said, "I cannot afford Body Wise"  my answer is .... "REALLY?"  For a full range mulit vitamin it is under $2.00 a much do you spend on coffee...certainly more than $2 dollars a day!

And then there is the most superior quality of Omega 3's out there... Our Omega Complete...  The Best.

For $20 a month... Need I say more...

So now lets talk about the best full range package possible...
Our Essential nutrition
Do the math...  This is the best nutrition money can buy...   

My advice to you who is reading this, do you homework...check it out...and tell me...This is the BEST!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Catherine..... Sold out for Body Wise International

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