Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Knowledge is Power!! Be your own best Advocate.

I have had the opportunity to discuss weight loss with a couple different friends this week who had never had a challenge with weight..  When I say there is such a thing as Hormone weight gain they just did not get it...(men).  They are under the belief that you eat less and you loose.  Not always the case... Yes!  there are those that do need to cut back portions.  Yes! There are those that have a romance with food..  Yes!  America is an obese nation.  We have some real issues here in America... but there are also health issues that need to  be addressed...  Knowledge is Power!  

In saying that, my thought is... "why don't people know what to eat to keep the LBS off?"  My answer..."they do know they just don't go there."  Everyone knows when they feel good after what they eat, and when they feel bad after what they eat.  You just have to listen to your body.  And then, do your research, talk to others that are having the same challenges or those who use to have those challenges, that always helps and that is why I am posting this article posted by Mary Shamon below.  

When I took control of my health and weight nearly 20 years ago, there is one thing I knew, no matter how I cut back my calorie intake and no matter how many miles I walk/jog/hike I could not drop the weight.  

The first thing I realized, I needed a quality supplement that will raise my metabolism.  Thankfully I knew instinctively it was not a supplement I could buy from the store...  That is when I went in search of an excellent supplement product..  Thankfully I found Body Wise.  Step one...Complete.

The second thing I realized, I had to be my own best advocate for my health.  I was not getting any help from my doctors so I took to doing my own research.  I spent hours in Boarders books reading Alternative Health Books, Nutrition Books and Medical Books-this was pre-internet.  After spending hours and days and  weeks reading and taking notes I discovered that I was in fact being mis-diagnosed by my doctors.    I already knew that but I need outside proof to convince my doctors that I was Hypo-thyroid and NOT Hyper-thyroid.  

Below is a excerpt from an article on   When I was int he middle of my Hypothryoid, I did my own research, got my meds straightened out...but then found Mary Shomon.  She is very wise with many of the same struggles..  She endorses the natural thyroid just like I do.   I added this article in part to encourage you...  I had a big number to drop off the scale of which I did... 
Knowledge is Power!
Changes in Brain Chemistry
Hunger is intricately tied to your brain chemistry. According to Dr. Aronne, your hypothalamus senses you need energy, and issues the brain neurotransmitter neuropeptide Y (NPY) with the message "eat carbohydrates." The surge of NPY is what you experience as "hunger," Once the hypothalamus senses you've eaten enough carbohydrates, it releases serotonin to tell the body, "enough carbohydrates."
But this system can be dramatically altered by several factors, all of which can be present in chronic thyroid disease:
  • Your metabolism is too slow for the appetite level set by your brain. Thyroid disease slows down the metabolism. What your brain perceives as appropriate food intake levels can then exceed your body's metabolism, creating weight gain.
  • Your body is under stress, which interferes with the neurotransmitter functions, and is known to reduce the release of serotonin. In fact, part of the success of the recently recalled diet drugs fen-phen was the fact that they increase serotonin and create a "feeling of fullness."
Knowledge is Power!
Every sense I have had my weight challenge and my Hypo-thyroid challenge, I have been on a mission to stay informed about my particular health challenges.  Having had Thyroid Cancer almost 40 years ago, I have had a life time of learning and exploring how to stay healthy and maintain my health.  For me, it is exercise, healthy food and Body Wise supplements and education.  I cannot tell you how much more fun I have feel good than what I was feeling when I felt bad.  I love love love feeling good and it is but a memory when I was feeling horrible.  Being on Body Wise Supplements for the past 18 years has made a HUGE difference.  

If you would like to know more how Body Wise supplements and education could make a difference in your health as well, be sure to contact me.

Knowledge is POWER!