Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What I have said about Body Wise.

Did you know this about me?  

If you asked Catherine the question...  What are you passionate about? She would answer...."Being healthy and preventing illness."  Catherine believes that when there is something that can help you get healthy and stay healthy...then why wouldn't you take a deeper look.
"I have been using Body Wise for nearly 20 years and I cannot tell you how much my overall health has improved, but better than my health, I am more excited to see the health of those I share these products with improve...  I am so thrilled to see my clients take control of their lives." says Catherine.
As a mother of 3 adult children who have children, her greatest joy is knowing that her grandchildren have a vehicle for staying in excellent health.  Catherine loves being that healthy influence in the life of her children, grandchildren and the general public as a Community Wellness Advocate.
Living life to the fullest is another passion of Catherine's with the coast being where her heart is as she spends much of her time with sand between her toes.
Photography is a big part of Catherine's life capturing Joy, Beauty and Peace through the eye of her camera.   A lot of her observations can be found in her blog....  My Walking Observation.  Catherine is in full time observation mode.
If you are looking for a Wellness Coach, Catherine is one you should consider.  After her own bout of cancer more than 37 years ago, Catherine is very empathetic with those that have health challenges.  Catherine has also concurred Hormonal issues as well...  She loves to share her experience and help design a program that is perfect for you!!! 
Feel free to contact Catherine via email or phone.  
"So many people become friendly with their health challenge, if you would like to be friendly with living and laughter, then lets talk... Take control of your health now! "  Catherine noted...  "I must say, I hated my health challenges and I had a bunch, I am thrilled to not have my lifetime of challenges any longer..."
With Body Wise.... 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ingredients matter! Nobel Prize-Winning Sciece........

Here is the Truth, Not all vitamins are created equal.  When you have taken only the best for more than 20 years, you pay attention.

Finest Ingredients, Optimal Levels
Uniquely formulated for potency – The vision to formulate nutritional supplements of superior quality and effectiveness began in 1989. A team of doctors, clinical nutritionists and scientists created Body Wise supplements using the finest raw ingredients at optimal levels to produce benefits you can feel and see.
Nobel Prize-Winning Science
Krebs Cycle – Dr. Hans Krebs launched a scientific breakthrough when he first described how the body creates and releases energy at the molecular level. Starting with the citric acid cycle, the exclusive Krebs Cycle chelate mineral formulations found in our products allow our scientists to enhance the potential of ATP (adenosenetriphosphate) ― the cornerstone of cellular energy.
Nutrition Where it Counts
Bio-potentiated cellular nutrition – This proprietary protein enrobing technique enhances the delivery of nutrients to cells, making the nutrients cell-ready and more easily transported to targeted body systems. Many of the beneficial results of our products can be credited to this exclusive process.
Protecting Vital Capacity
Cold processing – Protects the vital capacity of nutrients (particularly botanicals) without the heat and over-drying that can destroy the power of raw ingredients.
Coatings Without the Chemicals
Aqueous technology – Coats tablets with pure water and vegetable protein instead of more commonly used shellac and solvent-based chemicals that may impact the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients.
FDA Licensed Manufacturing
Highest quality – Body Wise products are manufactured in a facility licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. That’s rare in the nutritional supplement industry. It means we follow the strictest criteria for purity, potency and testing.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Merry Christmas! Give the Gift of Good Health.


Have you been thinking about it lately?  What do I get someone who has everything?  My guess is that they could use Great Health!

When I think about what to do for someone who I care about, my thought is, "wouldn't it be nice to see them healthy, off med's and never or at least rarely sick".  

I have been taking Body Wise for more than 20 years and so many areas I struggled with when it came to my health have gone away.  I was plagued for most of my life with Chronic health challenges.  I am happy to report, no more Chronic issues, nothing.  What a life style change in the absolute best way.

So now you need to ask the question, "who do I know who could use a life style change for the better".  That is the person to give the gift of health to.  Maybe, start with YOU!

Merry Christmas!!!  

It is time.... 

Can I really save my Eyesight?

Can I save my Eyesight?

Have you asked yourself that question?  I know I have. 
 As I get older, my eyes are not what they use to be.  It is time for this education and information on a supplement that can save your eyesight.
Might I suggest that you tune into this call and learn all about how to save your Eyesight.

Save your eyesight! 

If you use a cell phone or computer your vision is at risk. Day after day the damage adds up. What can you do to protect your eyes from harmful blue light?
Special guest: Dr. Jacqueline Jacques

Date: Monday, December 11th
Time: 6 p.m., Pacific Time

Call: 512-879-2192

Enter code: 756301#

Long distance charges may apply, depending on your phone plan. The call connects to Austin, Texas.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

How old do you feel?

 If you know me I am all about Body Wise...  I love the products they help so many people with energy, sleep and more.

At the age of 40 I remembered saying..."oh, I feel so old!" And now, coming up to my 65th birthday, I do not say that and haven't for years...  But I do have an observation... This past two weeks I did feel old...and I must say it was because of one very special component to my healthy lifestyle and vitamins.  I was out of my Super Cell.  Yup... That Super Cell is such a great addition to my healthy choices.  I am often asked, "Why do you spend so much on your Body Wise Vitamins?"
 My answer...


After being out of Super Cell for 2 weeks, I can say that along with my AM's PM's, and a few others...Super Cell is one that cannot be forgotten.  It is true, my quality of life is much improved with my full combination of Body Wise..  Why Body Wise?  Because they make a REMARKABLE difference in my life, my day and my future.  Thank you Body Wise.


Monday, October 30, 2017

I hugged my 88 year old dad for the last time.

One year ago today I hugged my dad for the very last time.  

When I lived in Southern California I would see my dad very regularly.  After moving to the Pacific North West,   I had to make special trips down south to see my dad but not nearly as often as I would have liked. 

One year ago, I was heading back to the NW from Arizona and made a point of seeing my dad. 

Our phone conversations were getting more worrisome being he spoke often of just being too tired to keep going.  I knew he was getting tired and I knew that the day would come when I would get that call but until then I would continue to visit as often as I could. 

On the day of this picture, one year ago, as I hugged dad good bye I had a sinking feeling in my heart that this really was going to be the last time I eat with him, laughed at his humor and hugged him good bye.  That was a very strange feeling because I had not felt that ever before.  I just knew it was the last time I would hug my dad.

I was hoping to get to see dad by end of summer 2017, and I was trying my best to see how I could work it out with my job.  I received the call from a Riverside police officer that she had some bad news.  I knew instantly what is was as she informed me they found my dad deceased in him home.  It appears he died of a heart attack due to heart disease which none of us knew about. Mid August,  Dad had Died!

My next step was to get in the car and head to Southern California from the Northern coast of Oregon.  Heading to my dads house, my dad the hoarder, I was not sure what I would find but had to go be sure to get dad out of the morgue and to the mortuary.  My dad..and old cowboy, a good old boy, a big flirt and a man of much conversation and humor.. I will miss him.

Yes, one year ago today was the last time I hugged my 88 year old dad.  
Love you DAD!

Are you sick and tired of being Sick and Tired???

I think about this question all the time... My grand-kids get sick, my friends kids get sick, YOU get sick... AND it is all related to the immune system.

What can you do?  Choose a lifestyle that is healthy, active and your food is clean and fresh...
But that is not also need to supplement with top quality vitamins...  You known that we can no longer get the health benefits from our foods... Any intelligent person knows that.

I know, if you take these products, you will have improved health and vitality.  Go to to learn more, read the scientific research...and get your own results.

Nearly 20 years ago, I started taking Body Wise and have never stopped.  I had chronic issues and getting on a superior quality product made all the difference in the world.  My whole health agenda turned around.

Having had cancer more than 40 years ago, my doctor at the time told me for the rest of my life I would have to take vitamins..  I  did not see a difference until Body Wise, my health today at 64 years old is not sick and tired like I was at  40.  I was exhausted, sick often and was careful about going out  in public for fear of getting sick.  Today?  I am happy to say I have not had any form of the flue for the past 20 years and I work with the public all the time.

The same could be true for you...   Go to and see some of my story...  My quality of life, my energy and sense of well being is all, in part, credited to my Body Wise Products.

Every order comes with a Certificate of Quality...No other company does that!

Please feel free to go to either my personal site: or to and check out our corporate site with all the products and prices. 
As a note: there is a way you can purchase for below retail.

If you have been looking, wondering and just ready...
NOW is the tie for great health, NOW is the time for.   


Sunday, October 29, 2017

The word CURE...not a word we can use...but we walk in great health.

I find it so strange that this word "cure" is a registered trade mark, and not by the alternative health industry.

For those of us who have an understanding of wellness, or should I say," improving immune system function," (and I will say that because that is all I am allowed to say....) we know that improving the immune system function ones well being is dramatically improved.

Here is the frustrating truth, those of us that have been in the alternative wellness business know what certain alternative treatments can do..but we are not allowed to say so.. So here is what I can say, go to the website, and learn about a fantastic Immune Modulator.  Check it out, use your logic and know that with improved Immune System function, your quality of life will dramatically improve.

I think that is all I will say for now...  Except for one thing... Why Body Wise?  Simply the BEST!!!

Why not join me in a Journey of health and fitness.

I think back when we were kids.  We were not a family of junk food and TV, we were a family that played tennis, road bikes and did a lot of walking.  The food we had in the house was for nutrition due to the fact my mom was a single parent and bought what she could afford.  She could not afford the junk food of today.

I remember some years ago when my oldest daughter introduced me to her friends and said, "my mom cooks from scratch".  That caught me off guard being I feel that I cook.  I do not open boxes that are premixed, I do not use canned veggies, I keep it fresh and I guess that means I cook from scratch.  Gladly!  I often refer to myself as a "Peasant Chief ", meaning, I can create a tasty mean from whatever is there.

Keep the immune system strong is very important and really it is your only defense against illness.  In the toxic world, we need to do whatever we can to stay healthy and prevent disease.

 Join me on the road to living healthy, active and full of adventure.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Its October....Just in time for this months specials!

YES! I am just a little late on getting the word out on this months specials.

Female Advantage is one of those much have if you are a gal over 40 years of age.  So many great things about this product and it was my 'go to' when I was at my worst in Menopause.  No more hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and even helped me with loosing that Menopause weight.. If you are having your own person summer, this is the one for you.
20% Off this month.  #menopause, #womenshealth, #nomorehotflashes, #femaleadvange, #bodywise

And then there is Oxy G!  Oh my..too many great things to mention.  But whats wrong with not being so tired, improving your athletic recover faster and help you do all your winter sports with less Fatigue. This is something that works great in altitude, for energy, for recovery.
20% Off this month.
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#oxyg2, #bodywise.

Are you Ready?  The Time is NOW!